Running Up That Hill (Cover Single) By Vlad in Tears

HYPE Running Up That Hill (Cover Single) By Vlad in Tears

We’ve all heard the original "Running up that hill" by the mega-superstar kate bush. There’s no way you haven’t, especially with the commotion it generated following the release of the new Stranger Things season on Netflix earlier this year.

However, after listening to this cover, you will almost forget that this is simply a tribute and not the original song. So be ready to hear it this time with a rock-punk twist, thanks to the punk band Vlad in Tears.

The band consists of three brothers. Vocals and piano are for Kris, Lex on the guitar and Dario is the Bassist. They give the cover its own unique flair by making it a gothic and ferocious vibe. I was crazily bopping my head in the air, not to mention the wild guitar play I started air-guitaring with them. The lead vocalist's voice is quite powerful and loud, bringing flavors and colors to their cover. You could turn into an emo pop rock lover by the end of the song because of the crazy punk vibes.

They honestly stole the show. After several listens, I forgot that this was intended to be merely a cover of the song. To be even more startled, listen to the original by Kate followed by Vlad in Tears to compare the two sounds, to see how their version truly rains supreme. And, to be honest, I think this cover would have worked better this season than the original; if you've seen the new Stranger Things season, you'll understand what I mean.

To sum it up, this is a fantastic cover. It basically changed a pretty relaxing song into an emo pop rock/ alt rock track, and Vlad in Tears outdid themselves with it. How can someone be so skilled that they can change the genre of a song and make it their own?

If you enjoy rock music, Vlad in Tears is unquestionably the best band for you. You should pay close attention to them by streaming their songs on Spotify and iTunes, particularly their cover "Running Up That Hill," and following them on social media to remain up to date on everything new. Maybe next time we'll have a Kate Bush featured on one of their songs.


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