Running From Yourself By DOUBLE TRIANGLE


Spring is upon us, and just in time, we've got a new remix dropping to soundtrack those warmer days ahead. Independent artist Roisin Quinn has joined forces with producer Double Triangle for a reimagined take on Roisin's track "Running From Yourself." Drawing inspiration from the roots of UK garage while putting their fresh spin on it, this remix is the perfect accompaniment for long sunny walks or relaxed evenings as the temperature rises.

There's an upbeat energy to it that lifts your mood, yet it's not so fast-paced that you feel rushed. The beats kick in smoothly to build on that feel-good foundation, maintaining a laidback pace that's easy to groove to. Double Triangle layers on elements reminiscent of the classic Essex garage sound many of us fell in love with in the 90s and 2000s. Nostalgic but still entertaining, it's a reminder of musical eras past with a contemporary flair.

At the center of it all are Roisin Quinn's breathtaking vocals. Her voice glides over the remix like a warm breeze, tranquil and soothing. There's a gorgeous tone in her delivery that tugs at your heartstrings, but acts as strength and resilience too. She pours her soul into each lyric in a way that's intensely moving. Partnered with Double Triangle's production, her performance is elevated to new heights, showcasing her talents to the greatest effect.

The remix manages to be upbeat without losing the melancholy undertones of the original. The nostalgic UK garage influences feel symbolic of some kind. It's a complex emotion wrapped up in a package that's an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Accessible without being oversimplified, this remix has wide appeal while retaining an authentic underground club spirit. Roisin and Double Triangle are here with a track to soundtrack the warmer seasons arriving, whether you want to dance alone in your room or with friends at a house party. It's a welcome breath of fresh air for fans of the scene and first-timers alike. With its ability to instantly boost your mood, this is one you'll want to keep on repeat.

This remix is out now across all streaming platforms, so do yourself a favor and give it a spin. Roisin Quinn and Double Triangle have delivered a contemporary garage banger that will no doubt be a rotation on my playlists all spring and summer long. Their collaboration has resulted in a remix truly worth running to.

No matter your tastes in music, it’s hard to deny the timeless appeal and head-nodding worthiness of "Running From Yourself". Add it to your playlist immediately for guaranteed good vibes wherever the warm weather finds you. Big thumbs up to Double Triangle and Roisin Quinn for kicking off the season in such positive, feel-good fashion.

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