Discover POPRUN IT (Original Single) by Amy Correa Bell

August 12, 2022 by saiidzeidan

Correa Bell has released a new magnificent track as usual. Her newest drop, "Run It," is a mysterious and intriguing single that will catch your attention and captivate you.

RUN IT (Original Single) by Amy Correa Bell is an experimental electronic alternative pop single that will get you thinking, singing and dancing. "Run It" is a meaningful single. Correa tells us that this single tells a story of overcoming in the midst of struggle, calling forth memories of ancestors and what they went through to provide the opportunities today.

This Edgy single is perfect for a chillout session and a late-night car ride. I find it to be quite a powerful vibe when listening to this single. You must give RUN IT (Original Single) by Amy Correa Bell a listen. It will truly blow your mind away.

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