Rocking Into Midnight By SANJAY MICHAEL


No matter what new styles and sounds come along, rock music keeps rockin' on in the hearts of musicians and music lovers alike. Even as tastes and trends change over time, the raw emotional energy and zeal at the heart of rock 'n' roll lives on whenever artists pick up their axes to keep rock's rebellious spirit alive for tomorrow. One such torchbearer is Singaporean singer-songwriter Sanjay Michael, whose signature electrified blend of blues and rock is gaining a passionate following both in his home country and beyond.

I recently had the chance to check out his exciting new album, "Rocking Into Midnight," and while listening, it became very clear why Sanjay has found a big place in rock music. The album bursts out of the gates with the title track, a bold rocker fueled by driving drums, spirited vocals, and thick guitars. Sanjay's vocals are raw and full of attitude as he sings the lyrics over the crunchy guitar work. Tracks like "Rattlesnake Shuffle" and "Rockin' Machine'" further highlight his skill at crafting hard-hitting rock jams.

Sanjay also impressively demonstrates his range as a vocalist. On songs like "Fly Away" and "Should Have Never Let You Go," his beautiful pipes take on a more melodic quality over atmospheric instrumentation. Where tracks like the title song highlight his gritty rock vocals, "Fly Away" allows his soaring tenor to shine through on an anthemic rock anthem. "Should Have Never Let You Go" incorporates layered acoustic guitars into the mix, giving his vocals room to breathe and really showcase their nuance.

This variety helps keep the listener engaged across all ten tracks. Songs such as "Vampire Girl" nail that sweet spot between unbridled rock ferocity and intricate melodic hooks. With its stomping verse and huge chorus, "Vampire Girl" shows that Sanjay can pen fun rock singles just as skillfully as all-out shredders.

With its masterful balance of grit and grace, "Rocking Into Midnight" marks Sanjay Michael as a formidable and stunning voice in rock. Sanjay considers rock more than a genre - it's a torch he proudly bears. Be sure to follow his journey and stream "Rocking Into Midnight" to rock out with this rising star. The future of rock is in good hands.

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