Rock Ain’t Dead (Original Single) By Robbie Rapids

JUST ROCK Rock Ain’t Dead (Original Single) By Robbie Rapids

Robbie Rapids does not like the new state of Rock N Roll and he’s not afraid to express it in his latest single "Rock Ain’t Dead" a great original rock song inspired and molded to fit the great 70s-80s Rock N Roll days; The golden age of Rock n Roll. Robbie Rapids is a new rising artist that is successfully relating to true fans of Rock N Roll with his incredible music and guitar skills. He’s a rock musician and songwriter from Grand Rapids, United States.  that has idolized Hard Rock / Glam Rock / Metal from the late 80s / early 90s. It is common for him to talk about his concerns; in his latest single, Robbie takes a look back at the good old days of Rock N Roll and is inspired by its unique style. Robbie's latest song and video illustrate how much this genre has changed over the years and how he is attempting to revive it.

His latest single "Rock Ain’t Dead" is an incredibly energetic rock song inspired by the beats of the 80s. It rants about the state of current rock and reminds the audience that real Rock N Roll is not dead. Throughout the song, there are truly incredibly skilled guitar solos that will keep all you Rock fans on your feet as it electrifies you in energy.

In spite of his modest social media presence, Robbie Rapids is dedicated to making sure people are aware of his talent. Hard work and dedication will certainly pay off for him as he expands his social media and Spotify account reach. Currently, he rocks over 700 monthly Spotify listeners which is growing quickly following the drop of this last single.

Let's support and love this artist so that he can keep blessing us with his music and we can keep rocking together. Those who like OG rock music will enjoy Robbie Rapids' music as it successfully captures the soul and essence of the 80s and 90s.

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