Road Trip Summer (Remix) By KELSIE KIMBERLIN


Let's hop in the car with pop phenomenon Kelsie Kimberlin and roll down the highway as her delightful new summer anthem "Road Trip Summer Remix" blasts through the speakers! This catchy, upbeat remix of her smash hit original is the mastered road trip companion, guaranteed to keep energy and elating levels high for the duration of any summer adventure.

Kelsie is more than a one-hit-wonder; for a year now, she has been cultivating her following and sharpening her artistry, putting out six well-received videos and singles showcasing her prowess as both a vocalist and lyricist. After her inspirational anthem "Bring Together" dropped in May, it enjoyed over a month on the Top 50 Shazam Charts in multiple cities, as well as two months in the Top 20 of the Rock Radio Chart. Kelsie's swift ascent to fame serves as evidence of her gifts as a musician who possesses the ability to craft catchy and meaningful pop tunes.

Her powerful vocals have a soulful, gritty edge, allowing her to belt out and hold notes that lesser vocalists would strain to reach. And her melodies and hooks are crafted to get stuck in your head for days. Simply put, Kelsie's talent and work ethic has allowed her to achieve the dreams of so many aspiring musicians - gaining millions of fans worldwide and topping charts across genres.

As we finish our drive, pulling up to our destination, we're left buzzing with energy and excitement - the "Road Trip Summer Remix" has put us in the best mood to start our adventure. The song's optimistic feel is exactly what we wanted to fuel our road trip. And we can't get Kelsie's catchy vocals out of our heads!

Kelsie Kimberlin is clearly an artist to watch as she continues her rise to fame. In an oversaturated industry, she stands out as unique and memorable. After the runaway success of "Road Trip Summer Remix," it's clear Kelsie has her finger on the pulse of what listeners want - easygoing songs with energy, attitude, and impressive vocals. We are very curious about what she will put out next. But for now, we'll happily keep blasting this remix to keep the road trip vibes going all summer long. You can stream the song today on Spotify, and you can find Kelsie on all social media platforms, so follow her there.


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