Gary Dranow, the prolific rock artist from Park City, Utah, is back with yet another furious hard rock track. "Ripping" with its breakneck pace, soaring guitar riffs, and lyrics that capture the thrill and chaos of living life in the fast lane is primed to get you shaking and your fists pumping.

Chris Zoupa and Jason Jones lay down a powerhouse rhythm section that acts like jet fuel for the song. Their precision playing propels the track at a dizzying speed that had my head spinning from the get-go. Roman Burda adds some bluesy tastes that provide flavorful accents throughout. The vocalist belts out the vocals with raw magnitude, perfectly capturing the manic energy of the lyrics. You can feel his angst and desperation in every strained note.

The unleashed vocals are perfectly suited to the song's themes of feeling overwhelmed by modern life's constant onslaught. He belts with almighty belief over the pummeling instrumentation, adding an emotional punch to Dranow's lyrics. Those lyrics portray the madness of our 24/7, always-connected world through the metaphor of feeling like one is "ripping through every part" of their world at "two hundred miles an hour."

Dranow captures the anxiety, restlessness, and lack of fulfillment that can arise from our nonstop, digitally-mediated lifestyles. With its exhilarating pace and rhythms, "Ripping" sonically embodies the adrenaline and liberation of figuratively "putting the pedal to the metal" to escape such madness, if only momentarily.

What's especially impressive about "Ripping" is how The Manic Emotions deftly fuse elements of hard rock, metal, and classic rock into a melting pot of genres. Bluesy guitar licks are thrown into the mix alongside shredding solos, creating a stylistically diverse yet wholly coherent sound. The addition of additional keyboards enhances the richness and depth of the arrangement.

Equal parts pummeling, psychedelic, and profoundly thoughtful, "Ripping" demonstrates Gary Dranow is an artist with much more to say through his music. Fans of all styles should give this track a chance to embrace its rocking positivity against modern anxieties. For anyone who has ever felt pulled in a million directions at once, this song will strike a commanding chord. With "Ripping," The Manic Emotions continue to push creative boundaries and offer an adrenaline-fueled escape for listeners. Their latest single is primed to shred up rock radio for months to come.

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