In a genre as vast and varied as hip-hop, truly unique voices stand out from the crowd. Proklaim is one such voice, carving his niche with a style that goes deep while pushing the envelope. His latest single "Righteous" is more proof of his lyrical depth and musical versatility.

Drawing from legends of the craft like Big Punisher and Lauryn Hill, Proklaim infuses their spirit into a track that could have easily come from the golden age of hip-hop. Yet he ensures it remains fresh and of the moment. "Righteous" pulls you in with a smooth, fast beat courtesy of Pin Pushaz Studios. There's a warmth to the production that sets the stage for Proklaim's lyrical prowess. His words deal in messages just as timely now as when Tupac first put them to wax. He speaks "on the ethos that to get any feat achieved one needs to take each day as one in which a step forward is made." He understands that progress is a step-by-step process, and that positivity is the surest path thereto.

Recorded at Pin Pushaz Studios and mixed/mastered by Audio Art Namibia, "Righteous" benefits from pristine production values that amplify its impact. It shows off Proklaim's skills as a solo artist that he can hold the spotlight so commanding against such a thick backdrop.

With "Righteous," Proklaim further cements his status as one of Africa's most compelling voices in hip-hop. He joins legends like Nas as an artist who understands the genre is as much about enlightenment as entertainment. Whether spitting verses or just singing, Proklaim ensures each moment has meaning, bringing light and inspiration to all who open their ears. For anyone seeking substance within rap, his message on this single will surely resonate.

Give this single your ears and your support. You'll be uplifting an important African voice in hip-hop and also exploring one of this year's deepest and most thought-provoking releases. Check out the rest of Proklaim's illustrious discography while you're at it. Across multiple singles, he has proven himself a masterful storyteller with a unique gift for both introspection and social issues.

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