RESULTS (Original Album) By Ellery Twining

TOP BEST HITS RESULTS (Original Album) By Ellery Twining

Ellery Twining's latest solo album "RESULTS" represents an ambitious foray into sounds beyond conventional pop formats, as he seeks to define what he terms "post pop". The songs on the album recount memories and experiences from Twining's childhood as a Generation X kid while simultaneously remembering that period of his life.

"RESULTS" wastes no time setting the tone with the melancholic yet dreamy opening track "SIXTH OF JANUARY". The mood lifts slightly with the livelier "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE", driven by brighter electric strings and an upbeat rhythm. The lush melodies and grooves of "DUSTY SPRINGFIELD'S RECORD COLLECTION" maintain an overall sweet, addictive pop vibe.

"ROUGE" returns to a slower, stripped-back yet still melodic acoustic composition focused on sensual vocals and guitar work. The pace builds further with "DEAFENING", as a prominent bassline and drum beats are layered in yet the guitar lines provide a soothing textural backdrop. "S.B. BUTLER" sees the fullest, richest instrumentation on the album, with soaring guitar melodies and sweeping orchestral arrangements creating cinematic emotions.

"WHAT'S GONNA SET YOU FREE" begins quietly before gradually incorporating more instrumentation, rising in intensity to a cheering climax. The album concludes beautifully with the nostalgic "ELECTRIC BOAT" and sweet "CELLAR DOOR" - both tracks expressing tight emotions through dynamic string arrangements, ending the listening experience on a high note.

The "RESULTS" album captures a wide range of moods and tempos yet maintains an overall cohesive and emotive aesthetic, artfully utilizing minimal and maximal production techniques to evoke feelings of nostalgia, longing, uplift and joy.

I cannot recommend this album highly enough. It is a truly unique listening experience you will never forget. Each of the tracks tells a fascinating, personal story from the artist's life, transporting the listener into moments that shaped who he is today. His spirited narration of these vivid anecdotes and reminiscences draws you in and keeps you riveted from start to finish. Rich in imagery and spoken with great warmth and personality, his voice draws you ever deeper into his life story with each new track. True works of musical storytelling, the songs offer profound yet entertaining glimpses into the heart and mind of the artist himself. Do yourself a favor and listen with an open mind - I promise you will find the album enthralling. Stream the work today on any streaming site you want, and follow Ellery Twining for more personal works like this one.

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