Resolutions (Original Single) By Moon and Aries

TOP BEST HITS Resolutions (Original Single) By Moon and Aries

Moon and Aries are an enchanting music duo consisting of German composer Tom Aries and Canadian singer-songwriter Jordana Moon. Their lively electronic pop music is meant to inspire, enthrall and transform listeners. Through captivating soundscapes, poetic lyrics, and a shared vision of positivism, Moon and Aries craft a divine experience that illuminates a path to hope, empowerment, and new possibilities. By weaving together genres like trance, electro-pop, and synths with earnest vocals, they have built a dreamy and otherworldly sound all their own.

Their latest single, "Resolutions," injects a sense of delight and potential into the present moment. From the very first note, a twinkling piano line is accented by pulsing synths, the song inspires visions of carefree dancing and endless summer nights. The beat moves with a sensual, vintage lilt, recalling the glamour of the 80s, yet the production feels modern and propulsive. Jordana Moon’s vocals soar and trill, at once earthbound and ethereal, conveying emotional depth through her expressive range.

Each element of "Resolutions", from the synth stabs and spacey guitars to Moon’s powerful vocals, feel freshly nostalgic, a persuasion to adopt old pleasures anew. The track lives and breathes, imbued with a vital energy and optimism to move body and soul. Whether discovering Moon and Aries for the first time or you're their long time fans, "Resolutions" has something for every listener. Uplifting, heartwarming, and feel-good all at once, it’s the perfect single to blast at maximum volume or keep as a secret pleasure, like a musical escape hatch to temporarily transcend the everyday.

With a catalogue of acclaimed albums and hit songs, Moon and Aries have cemented their status as leaders of the genre. "Resolutions" is a release not to be missed, transporting all who encounter its blissful soundscapes to a world of whimsy, fantasy, and new horizons yet to be discovered. The track is a reminder to see life through the eyes of a child, embracing wonder and possibility at every turn. Stream the single on Spotify and embrace the uplift of Moon and Aries’ sublime sounds. Follow them on their social media pages for a steady dose of positivity and electronic pop bliss.

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