Repetition (Original Video) By Deltawelle

TOP BEST HITS Repetition (Original Video) By Deltawelle

Berlin’s DELTAWELLE are back with their most ambitious and fully realized work to date with "Repetition," a relentlessly catchy four-minute single that seamlessly blends neon-drenched new wave with krautrock precision. The band, who shuttle between their hometowns of Berlin and Leipzig, have always stood out for their ability to craft immediately memorable melodies, but "Repetition" sees them pushing their sound into even more unexpectedly euphoric territory.

The music video for "Repetition" begins with a view of an elaborately lit chandelier hanging overhead. It’s the band’s lead singer, bobbing his head along as the song’s captivating bassline and shimmering keys gradually take shape around him. He took up his guitar and approached the microphone, ready to perform. When he stepped onto the stage, the entire band was already present. The video documents them executing their craft, doing what they do best on this record. There’s a part where the keyboardist employs alien, off-kilter vocals that create a strange and trippy feel. To enhance this bizarre effect, weird video effects are used in this section of their performance. The keyboardist’s unconventional vocals and the surreal visuals work together to transport the audience into an odd and trippy space as the band does what they do best on this record.

After completing their set, the lead singer returns to his seat and pours himself another drink. The editing then transitions back to the opening shot of the chandelier in a loop, representing the trance-like quality of the song. The music video itself becomes a loop, mirroring the themes of repetition and cyclicality. With surreal and surreptitious imagery, the video creatively reinforces the sonic experience of listening to the song. It provides a visual representation of getting lost in the strange and relentless repetition at the heart of the composition.

"Repetition" is a masterclass in construction and composition from a group at the top of their craft. Its endless, inescapable hook makes for a song that’s impossible to stop listening to, while still managing to surprise at every turn.

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