Renegade (Original Album) By SAGE SUEDE

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SAGE SUEDE's "Renegade" is a gender-bending nirvana. This album is a decadent journey through pulsating beats, sky-high synths, and hypnotic sounds. As the only songwriter across his releases, SAGE SUEDE has forged an experimental electronic style utterly his own.

"Renegade" opens with "New Diet," featuring Girlxhighlight, electronic candy of deep keys, and huge synths make you dance instantly, a stunning smash through and through. "My Dank is Deadly" rumbles forward at a breakneck pace, synths screaming as you barrel down the highway. The beat-focused "Thief in Blue" has a trance-inducing quality, synth stabs and whistles like a melody from beyond.

"Just Trippin (Sugar Baby in the Kitchen)" blends hip-hop beats with electronics, fun and alluring. "Lil Peach" with Honey-B-Sweet is retro bliss, a vogue-worthy fantasy. "Weed Cookies - SAGE alt Funk Remix" syncs samples and spicy synths for dancing through the night. "Gushy Kush Girl" melds r&b and hip-hop with dreamy soundscapes and liberation.

"Renegade" demolishes genre walls and frees the listener in the process. At a concise 42 minutes, its density and cohesion make for a mesmerizing journey. SAGE SUEDE crafts a sensuality both playful and subversive, finding a twisted pop brilliance in the annihilation of form. "Renegade" is for the ages, once you give it a listen it'll have an eternal hold on you with its powerful and addictive feel!

Each track is a melancholic banger or euphoric slower burn, blending hip-hop beats and contemporary electronics into something strange and beguiling. Moments of levity and joy emerge from the depths of studied cool as if dancing itself has been reimagined.

Follow this artist into the unknown. Embraced by "Renegade," you will discover soundscapes beyond the ordinary. The dance floor becomes an abyss, yet SAGE SUEDE's warped pop vision arises to light your way. Making familiar forms strange, "Renegade" forges anthems that are enchanting and addictive. This is an album that refuses to fade - instead, it demands you give yourself over completely. There is meaning here to be found only in the throb of beat and shriek of synths. This is your chance to follow SAGE SUEDE and make "Renegade" your own anthem!!

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