Remnantal (Original EP) By SOPHIA STEPHENS


Growing up around taxing challenges can present its own unique problems, but for 17-year-old singer-songwriter Sophia Stephens, it was the hardships she witnessed around her that helped shape her journey toward becoming an artist. From a young age, Sophia fought through huge personal struggles and loss, experiences that spurred her desire to understand life's deeper meanings and connect with others through music.

Sophia was surrounded by family and neighbors who formed strong bonds to get through tough times together. A next-door neighbor lost her battle with cancer when Sophia was a kid, and soon after her father underwent risky brain surgery. For a child, bearing witness to such experiences was difficult to comprehend.

Thankfully, Sophia found solace in turning to her guitar and using songwriting as an outlet. Music became Sophia's safe haven, a creative place where she could shine a light on the darkness and spread messages of hope.

Now, Sophia is here with her debut EP, "Remnantal." The collection represents Sophia's musical journey so far, from her earliest folk beginnings to more layered pop-folk arrangements. Standout tracks like "Shadowlit" and "Submerge" showcase her growth as both a lyrical storyteller and vocalist. Sophia's brother Jackson, now 14, joined on the piano to round out several compositions.

Across "Remnantal's" 16 mesmerizing minutes, Sophia's compelling songcraft and spellbinding vocals shine through the pristine production. Her ability to wield metaphor and imagery with precision cuts right to the soul. Songs like "Familiar" and "Never Spoke" effortlessly transport listeners with lush acoustic textures and universally relatable themes of love, loss, and triumph over adversity. It's a promising start for an artist who somehow packs the wisdom of years into just a handful of deep songs.

Regardless of future success, music will undoubtedly remain a formative part of who Sophia is. Through her songs of mending, resilience, and community, she connects with listeners worldwide who find solace in her story. Her future in music looks brighter than the starlit skies that inspired "Remnantal," an auspicious debut from an artist wise beyond her years.

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