Red & White (Original Single) By LAZA! & Jim Pinchen

HYPE Red & White (Original Single) By LAZA! & Jim Pinchen

If you're rooting for England throughout this 2022 World Cup, I have the ideal song for you. LAZA!'s and Jim Pinchen's "Red & White"! It's a song with an upbeat melody and motivational words that will bring people together worldwide.

Of course, the music is energetic, they’re not gonna make a boring world cup song!! It has strong guitar riffs and singing. Backed with lovely backup vocals that are extremely cheerful. The song exudes warmth and pride, and listening to it will make you smile from ear to ear due to how captivating the vocalists sound. Although the track's structure and production have numerous levels, the voice and lyrics are unquestionably the major attraction.

The song doesn’t beat around the bush and goes straight to the point with the first verse "So wave your flags of red and white, these colors unite, colors unite, wave your flags of red and white we’re England tonight England tonight" very straightforward showing their love for their team. And No, the musicians didn't merely record the song in any studio after finishing the lyrics. They visited pubs and community centers all around England, from north to south, and had them sing the chorus to make it sound like a football crowd and get everyone involved. They did all this amazing work in order to totally craft a piece that represents England at the World Cup.

Even if you aren't from England or like England as a football team, the positive lyrics and energetic music will still make you happy. After listening to this track, you will definitely admire the English and their team. It's a single that will undoubtedly bring you joy and enthusiasm.

Not only did they create a song to uplift everyone's emotions, but the kind-hearted musicians also pledged to donate all "Red & White" revenue to the organization "Kick It Out," which fights against prejudice in all its manifestations.

This football season, if you're looking for a positive song to dance and cheer to, check out "Red & White" on your streaming platforms. Not only will you enjoy the music, but you'll also be supporting Jim Pinchen and LAZA! in their incredible fight against prejudice. Go follow the musicians on social media as well to remain up to date.


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