Reckless (Original Single) By Lou Murphy

HYPE Reckless (Original Single) By Lou Murphy

Lou Murphy gives us a deep look into her imaginative brain with new single "Reckless". A very intimate and emotional song about seeing yourself with someone and begging them not to be "Reckless" with your heart.

The song is melancholic and sorrowful, beginning with slow haunting piano chords. But the music immediately picks up as the guitar enters the picture, with some synthesizers thrown in for good measure. It delivers a touch of nervous thrill that mirrors the lyrics. Her voice also follows the rhythm; at first, it was sad with the slow piano, but as soon as the beat began to levitate, she sped up the pace and her voice became cheerful.

"Don’t be reckless with me, I’m too fragile to be another body" Many individuals do this; we envision ourselves with others to see what it would be like to be with them. Sometimes we begin to imagine these fake scenarios in order to feel less saddened when the real event occurs. It's something that feels natural, and I love that she wrote a song about it.

Some of the lyrics are quite romantic, such as how she would be open and communicative and make her lover's favorite coffee just the way he loves it since she would absolutely know what he wants. She also imagines that when they're alone at home she’ll ask her lover about his day over a glass of wine. All of these scenarios are personal, and putting all the fantasies she’s having for someone is lovely, but at the same time its hard, because she's not with that person.

Lou mentions that 'Reckless' is one of those rare songs that precisely expresses what she is trying to say. Lou definitely used this song as a way of moving on. She released this track as therapy for her and her fans who might also relate to these lyrics and find some comfort in them. Knowing that you’re not alone in some experiences in life is the best feeling ever.

With her poetic lyrics and her great voice, Lou Murphy is on her way to capturing everyone's heart, not just her lover's. Soothing and relatable lyrics are just what a person needs, so listen to "Reckless" on Spotify and follow the amazing French-British singer on social media.

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