Genevieve Sovereign released this new quirky little tune, "Random Number" on March 22nd as the lead track for her upcoming experimental electronic album "STARSEEDS WANTED: Enquire Within." And let me tell you, it's one random ride from start to finish!

The song kicks off with some glitchy, rewinding effects with vocal samples that'll have your head bobbing before the beat even drops. Genevieve recorded those vocals casually during a studio visit with producer Michael Wheeler back in February. And wouldn't you know, inspiration struck instantly! Michael put together a demo with melodies built from the samples just one week later.

As soon as Genevieve Sovereign heard that demo, she knew she had to write some lyrics for it. And the words she came up with are so clever, she dives into that feeling of living life by chance and going with the flow. Doesn't it sometimes feel like the random choices we make each day are what lead us down new paths? Well, that's exactly what this song is about!

After Genevieve Sovereign wrote the lyrics, she headed back to the studio to record the full version with Michael. They had the final mix done by early March. Can you believe how fast they put this together? Genevieve said it was probably the smoothest, quickest track she's ever made. It just seemed to create itself.

\"Random Number\" is Genevieve's most experimental release yet, with that eccentric sound that is exactly what makes it so fun to listen to. There are all kinds of oddball electronic noises, glitchy beats, and even some philosophical lyrics thrown in for good measure. It truly is a random adventure from start to finish.

This track gives us a chance to catch a glimpse at her upcoming album, "STARSEEDS WANTED: enquire within." She's been working hard writing all kinds of experimental electronic songs. With "Random Number" leading the way, I bet this album is going to be her most creative one yet.

The song has an extremely lively, entertaining feel that is reminiscent of electronic indie pop. "Random Number" is the very best song to listen to if you're searching for something that gets you thinking while still being enjoyable. It appears that Genevieve's entire endeavor will be distinctive as well. I'm eager to hear what more she comes up with. You may start listening to "Random Number" on all of the main music apps right now. Check it out for yourself right away.

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