Raining Gold (Original Single) By Lauren Nikohl

HYPE Raining Gold (Original Single) By Lauren Nikohl

We are having the fun of our lives thanks to Lauren Nikohl's brand-new, self-produced song, "Raining Gold." The song has lovely beats that will compel you to get up and dance.

Lauren Nikohl is a multidimensional/genre-fluid singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ with an emotional, strong voice, she is on a quest to widen human understanding. Before turning ten, this aspiring musician started singing, playing the guitar, composing songs, and playing the piano.

"Raining Gold" starts with mesmerizing electronic beats, catching your attention straight away, the song is all you could have ever asked for. The pads employed have a very deep, hypnotizing effect to them. Light electronic claps gradually begin to appear; and increasingly audible percussion begin to be heard; the instrumentation gradually becomes more noticeable until the voices are introduced and the instrumentation then goes entirely silent as soon as the vocals begin. You will get caught in her voice as she properly delivers her words in an alluring, amazing style. Her vocals are raw and exquisitely heard. They are deep and have tremendous layers. Her voice gets even more sparkly as the song goes on, and additional rhythms are added, transforming it into a dance-pop hit.

Lauren Nikohl grew up idolizing her father, who played music, and served as an inspiration to her. Since experiencing a spiritually enlightening, psychedelic "out of body" experience around 2016, her lifelong love of music and dance has developed into a motivated determination to use music to make a positive difference in the world.

The song is an absolute gift to the music industry. Lauren produced a club banger that will always be popular because it provides so much delight to dance to and simply let loose to. I absolutely adored the song and couldn't stop listening to it. Give the song "Raining Gold" a listen on Spotify; it is overflowing with melody and rhythm. Also, follow Lauren on her social media to always stay up to date on all of her latest news and releases.

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