Rain Fall By STORM109


Storm109 has been spitting fire lyrics since he was just a kid. At only 12 years old, this MC was already flowing beats better than most grown rappers. Over the following 28 years, he's built up a brilliant rap style that uses words to teach important lessons about what's going on in life.

In his new song "Rain Fall", Storm109 shows off all the skills that have made him a long-standing player in the game. When I listened to it for the first time, I was blown away by the ocean of feelings in his lyrics and phrases. Over a great, complex beat from T Dot, Storm109 sways with the rhythm instead of rushing through the words. He takes his time to let each line sink in.

Some rappers just blab as fast as they can to try and sound cool. But Storm109 relies on advanced writing and deft phrasing to deliver his style. Every syllable rhymes together so smoothly like Eminem was in his prime. Underneath the flow though, he's sending a message on life, depression, and finding a purpose.

In his music, not just "Rain Fall", Storm109 always tries to be in a thoughtful mood, showing off his skills. His multi-syllable rhymes match together like a nice, easy conversation. He makes sure to figure out ways to incorporate deep lyrics about important topics that affect us all, either mental health or questioning what society says we should do.

At the same time, the atmospheric, laid-back vibe of the beat in his songs are perfect for chilling out. Storm109 draws influence from all kinds of music; conscious 90s hip hop, spoken word poetry, you name it. If you like Nas, you will rock with how he thinks.

Storm109's work is also marked by personal resilience. "I was born and raised to be great, not grave," the rapper has said, a mantra that reflects his driven spirit and focus on achieving artistic greatness against challenges. Operating independently, Storm109 and T Dot handle the bulk of production duties from Storm109's home studio.

If you like that old-school, authentic style of hip-hop with lyrics that take you higher, Storm109 delivers big with "Rain Fall". After 20 years in the game, he proves he's still a master wordsmith with real knowledge to impart. Listeners can get a taste of Storm109's artistry on his latest single, "Rain Fall," available to stream on platforms like Spotify.

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