JUST ROCKRacket, & Romance (Original Album) by Billy Bronsted Rhythm

May 24, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Racket, & Romance (Original Album) by Billy Bronsted Rhythm Racket, & Romance (Original Album) by Billy Bronsted Rhythm

There are 11 tracks on this American country-rock album. With Racket, & Romance this US-based band showcases the creativeness, innovation, and stage presence of its members through the use of guitars and drums.

With a simple and easy rhythm, the songs on the album have an amazing voice.  The music of Billy Bronsted is different from the norm. Through his own personal journey, he has managed to mix Country  and Rock  into a style all his own.

                    Listen & Follow:   Before I comment on the darkness of my youth I would like to first say that Northern Wisconsin gave me the tools for success. I could not have gotten out of my own problems had it not been the life skills I learned from my raising here. From turning a wrench, to swinging a hammer, to countless moments of being taught accountability. The community built me into a well-rounded person. My story just has some other truths too, and for the first time I’m ready to be honest.  

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