Quincy (Original Album) By Kimaya Diggs

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Kimaya Diggs has created a new album entitled "Quincy" that is sure to be a popular addition to your music library. The album was written and recorded during a tumultuous period in Kimaya's life, as she dealt with a serious vocal injury and a two-year recovery, the illness and passing of her mother, the death of a close friend in an accident, and the loss of her beloved dog, Quincy. The songs on the album reflect the emotions and experiences Kimaya went through during this difficult time, and serve as a source of comfort and support for anyone who may be going through similar situations.

This record has numerous songs that resonated with me, particularly "Letting Go," a poignant tribute to the artist's mother that was composed while she was alive and recorded after her passing. The song is deeply emotional, and the artist's vocal delivery evokes emotive feelings. Another song that struck me was "Rainbow," which expresses a longing for a loved one who has passed away while also embodying a determination to move forward. The repeated lines "I’ll go, you’ll go / Take a minute, I’ll be waiting" convey the singer's ongoing devotion to the person who has passed and her commitment to keeping their memory alive.

The track "No Way No How" immediately captured my attention with its soulful, jazzy vibe. The singer's voice is bewitching, rich, and full of a resonance that fills every inch of the room. Her real and authentic delivery is impossible to ignore, leaving you feeling as though you've been transported to a different realm of experience. The song exudes a youthful charm, playful and full of life, with a certain energy that draws you in. "I Hafta Try" is another beauty on the albuim that will have you swaying along to its irresistible beats and jazzy melodies. The light keys create a vibe that allows you to forget your surroundings, while the lyrics inspire you to sing along and let the music take you to a place of pure bliss.

In the midst of the album, there is "I thought you'd choose me", showcasing the artist's range and. The production is intentionally stripped-down, with only the acoustic guitar providing a foundation for the song's heart-wrenching lyrics. But just when you think you've heard it all, a haunting violin enters the mix, adding an unexpected layer of richness and depth. The combination of the singer's raw and emotive vocals with the magnetizing violin creates a synergy that will keep you grounded.

"Quincy" is more than just an album - it's a spellbinding musical feeling that will leave you hypnotized. Each track is a delightful fusion of jazz and soul, layered with stunningly intricate melodies and heartrending lyrics that are both personal and relatable. From start to finish, "Quincy" is an album that will enamor your senses and leave you yearning for more. It's a rare gem that deserves to be experienced in all its glory, so make sure to stream it on your favorite platform and follow the incomparable Kimaya Diggs on social pages for more musical magic.

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