Psycho Chemistry (Original Single) By Energy Whores

HYPE Psycho Chemistry (Original Single) By Energy Whores

With almost 10k monthly listeners on spotify, and a growing fanbase day by day, Energy Whores sure know how to have an impact on people. The band had its beginnings in a closet in a New York City apartment where Carrie, the band's primary vocalist, composer, producer, director, and screenwriter, could fit her whole recording studio. Attilio Valenti joined the band and is now in charge of the guitars, while Carrie plays the piano and everything else.

In addition to being a fantastic music producer and songwriter, Carrie is the director of the 2016 sci-fi stoner flick Asockalypse, which is about stoners attempting to reclaim the planet from aliens. Speaking of sci-fi and aliens, you could tell by listening to the song "Psycho Chemistry" that Carrie takes inspiration from that genre. The song has numerous lively components and groovy disco rhythms that make the listening experience so engaging. It also boasts really futuristic structures and productions. The added pitched voices really help to emphasize what a terrific disco and futuristic music this is.

"I'll slash their truthful screaming eyes / Cut them with a blade / If I act aggressively / It's just my psycho chemistry" these lyrics are what makes the song even more intriguing, they have really catchy phrasing but are also incredibly profound about how egotistical the leaders of the world are. They're quite entertaining to listen to while also being very daring. What the composer is doing is really audacious; rarely do we see musicians debating global leaders.

Energy Whores wants to discuss controversial subjects through their music, but they don't want us to feel somber or subdued; instead, their music is designed to be meaningful while also pushing us to dance and blast out crazy dance moves. You will undoubtedly love the song's provocative message and the techno-pop melodies that are strewn throughout the track, therefore I heartily suggest listening to it. On Spotify, show some love to "Psycho Chemistry" and the band's other albums. And be sure to give Energy Whores the recognition they so richly merit by sharing their songs on social media and spreading the word about them.


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