Proud (Original Video) By Dorian

We might have covered “Proud” by the talented Dorian but we surely haven’t mentioned the creative music video that came along with it, so hang on tight as we take you for a romantic walk on the warm summer beaches of “Proud”. The heart-warming video has beautifully captivated the hearts of everyone through the portrayal of Dorian’s raw emotions.

The last time we covered “Proud” we told the world that the song is dedicated to all those that stood by Dorian’s side during his challenges as he paved the road for his success. Today we know the song is a dedication to Dorian’s boyfriend that has accompanied him since day one; he’s the pillar of his support and the anchor of his success.

The music video features Dorian dancing on a stranded beach and performing his emotional lyrics with the video shifting to him and his boyfriend whenever “I’m So Proud Of Us” is mentioned in the lyrics. The video is relatively simple but it does show the emotional connection between Dorian and his significant other and this is what “Proud” is all about. The song conveys a beautiful demonstration of the lyrical capacity of Dorian when performing such emotional songs and also highlights his mixing talents in this cross-genre masterpiece.

In a world that’s constantly challenging homosexuality, the bravery and raw footage featured by Dorian as he expresses himself in this music video is truly inspiring for everyone out there that’s still hiding who they are. Dorian’s “Proud” is a message for everyone out there to set themselves free of all the societal boundaries and be proud of who they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if LGBTQ+ communities picked “Proud” as a beacon of pride for advocates of the cause.

Already massing some serious global recognition after winning the Artist of the Year 2022’ award by EnjoyTheMic and huge success with his biggest single yet “Reign Of Love” which was streamed over 100,000 on Spotify, Dorian is out there to dominate. Experience “Proud” with its amazing heart-warming and captivating music video and experience what true love feels like.


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