Cris Cain is back on the scene, and he's bringing the heat with his new single, "POWER UP." Just a few seconds into this track you know Cain came to represent, the beats bang, his flow is tight, and the bars hit hard. If you haven't heard of Cris before now, all I can say is buckle up because you're in for a ride.

His new single "POWER UP" hit my playlist the other day and instantly became one of my favorite new tracks. From the very first listen, I was pulled in by Cris' superb wordplay and energy. He rides the song out so smoothly like he's just taking a casual stroll in the park. But even though his delivery is chill, you can feel the passion pouring out with every word. The charisma and swagger in his voice pull you in and has you locked in the whole time. He switches up his flow and structures his rhymes keeping things engaging from start to finish.

For those who've rocked with Cris before, this song will feel like a homecoming. And for any fresh listeners out there - consider yourselves lucky! It's always cool to see someone who's been at it for as long as they have still brought that fire. This rapper has been killing it for years, but you'd never know it from the way he comes with that hungry, rookie energy every time. He's one of the greats in the game, but instead of just riding past successes, he's always challenging himself to try new things and keep it feeling fresh.

Between the beats, the rhymes, the melodies, there's so much to unpack on each listen. The energy is off the charts, getting me pumped every single time.

I'm eager to witness how his artistic evolution will continue unfolding as his resourcefulness develops in ever more innovative directions. If you're a rap fan, and you sleep on "POWER UP," you're seriously missing out. Go listen to "POWER UP" if you haven't yet. I believe this current drop, like past releases, will merit repeat play on many playlists and rotations. With "POWER UP" he proves he’s back and better than ever.

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