As a lifelong hip-hop head, I always get excited when checking out Proklaim’s releases. But his new hit "POPPIN" caught me by surprise, with its hip-hop and Amapiano beats. This song represents entirely new territory for rap music.

"POPPIN" gets you popping with its bouncy, exuberant instrumental. The percussion pops in a way that's straight-up danceable, a departure from Proklaim's typically more low-key productions. But what makes the beat sing is how it seamlessly marries American hip-hop influences with the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Amapiano. The song honors rap's roots while feeling fresh and modern. Proklaim proves himself a deft curator of sounds, sampling just the right elements from each genre. The beat provides the perfect canvas for him to showcase his lyrical dexterity. Across the poignant verses, Proklaim delivers razor-sharp rhymes with a fluid flow that's tailor-made for the joyous instrumental. Proklaim's approach to hip-hop has been thoroughly refined by studying the greats, but he never sounds like a clone. He pays respect to cultural legends while maintaining his individual and distinct flair.

What truly makes "POPPIN" stand out from Proklaim's back catalog, though, is its intoxicating energy. It's a party starter through and through, destined to be the life of get-togethers everywhere this summer. Proklaim proves he's not only a skilled songwriter but also a talented curator of sounds on this track. He's given the genre new creative potential by merging the vivacious sounds of Amapiano with the traditions of hip-hop. "POPPIN" has the power to transform even the most reserved wallflowers into energetic dancers.

Proklaim has far higher aspirations than just making club bangers, however. Across his impressive discography, he consistently uses his platform to spread positive messages. "POPPIN" is no exception. For any hip-hop head looking to discover inventive new talent, Proklaim is an artist worth your time. "POPPIN" shows he's not content to rest on his pedestal, instead relentlessly propelling his sound forward. It's the perfect song for summer vibes and a must-add to playlists everywhere. Proklaim is sure "poppin" off to much bigger things. The single is readily available for you to check out on major platforms.

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