Poison Apple (Original Single) By Josh Tepper

TOP BEST HITS Poison Apple (Original Single) By Josh Tepper

For every artist churning out repetitive 'club bangers', there are genuine innovators crafting something that demands attention from the very first beat. Josh Tepper is swiftly positioning himself as one of the latter with his new single 'Poison Apple'

Josh Tepper has melded the contemporary sounds of synth-pop and electronic music with a potent hit of 80s-inspired retro nostalgia that delivers a rush of emotions. "Poison Apple" fuses a relentless synth bassline that bubbles and grooves under punchy beats to create an instantly irresistible dancefloor momentum. Synthesizers swim in and out of the mix, one moment glistening atop the beats, the next swirling beneath Josh Tepper's honey-soaked vocals like a seductive siren call.

Throughout it all, is a bittersweet undercurrent of melancholy, as lyrical references to fractured toxic relationships and reclaiming your freedom swim beneath the deceptively jubilant soundscapes. In Josh Tepper's hands, this contrast creates an end result that feels both instantly timeless yet relentlessly futuristic. If I were doling out scores, 'Poison Apple' sails into 'best of the year' territory. Josh Tepper's production is surgically precise yet endlessly intricate, revealing new layers and details with each successive listen.

When giving on repeat listens, synths that once softly supported the vocals emerge with twisting patterns and intricacies. Background beats rise to the forefront, revealing hidden depths. 'Poison Apple' is a track that rewards active listening, like a 'choose your own adventure' story that reveals new layers on each playthrough.

Josh Tepper is a musical genius!! He masterfully wields texture, melody, and rhythm. The song is so utterly infectious and addictive is merely the cherry on top of his mesmerizing musical creation. If deeper treasures remain to be uncovered, you can count on me to keep spinning this tune until I've unearthed them all.

If the striking brilliance of 'Poison Apple' is any indication, Josh Tepper is an artist worthy of attention and acclaim. I highly recommend streaming the song on Spotify and following Tepper to catch what is sure to be a fascinating career unfold.

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