Planter (Original Video) by 1st Base Runner

JUST ROCK Planter (Original Video) by 1st Base Runner

"Planter" one of 1st Base Runner's newest singles from his new EP Light Roars is an indie rock single with electronic tones. Planter is a meaningful single with controversial lyrics that will blow your mind away.

The anti-hero 1st Base Runner is out of the ordinary with his ideas and creativity, a breath of fresh air from the mundane. 1st Base Runner is a truly majestic artist, and "Planter" gives the stamp of approval from the vocals to the lyrics and one hell of a creative music video. "Planter" is a brilliant single that shows us the talent and thought that went into 1st Base Runner's mind creating it.

You must give Planter (Original Video) by 1st Base Runner a listen.

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