Pete and Roger (Original Single) By The Margaret Hooligans

JUST ROCK Pete and Roger (Original Single) By The Margaret Hooligans

This has to be the most creative and original band we’ve stumbled upon while reviewing music, The Margaret Hooligans is one mad rock band. Their latest release ‘Pete and Roger’ tells one hell of a story.

Pete... and Roger... seems simple right? Well, the song just speaks about these two while they dance fight scratch claw bite joke talk jump speak fight eat sleep to makeup, the song is all over the place with the madness or guitars and drums going all around the echoes. Seriously that’s one energetic song you do not want to be missing so get on their Spotify page and start streaming. The song is the perfect song you’d play in a bar on a good Saturday night or even better a song that you’d blast off in your room to release all that energy inside on the flawless beats.


The Margaret Hooligans are some serious talent that’s rising in the industry and specifically in their genre of music and are picking up traction as they gain more fans and interaction globally. With incredible guitar and drum skills that are the spine of their music and interesting guitar solos in the background combined with well-written lyrics, it is a matter of time before these two get the attention they deserve. As described by Matt Miles from the Yack Magazine, "With the relentless onslaught of the drums, growling guitar licks, and punchy punk poetry of the lyrics, The Margaret Hooligans have carved out a wacky and wonderful niche entirely their own."


While the road to success and stardom is still at its start, the band does have a promising number that is growing at a massive pace at Spotify with over 500 monthly listeners and over 15,000 streams throughout their beautiful gallery of over 10 unique songs. So give them a shot and stream their new song on Spotify; If you like it, be sure to support them by following them on their Spotify page and all their social media platform. Oh, and make sure to check their personal website to stay up to date with their latest projects and music.

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