As Proklaim's evocative new track "Permission" finds its footing in the global hip-hop landscape, one thing is certain — this rapper's mastery sets a new standard. While still gaining wider recognition, Proklaim has long built his status as one of the best technical MCs in the game, effortlessly navigating complex polyrhythms with fluidity few can match.

"Permission" right away drops listeners into a dizzying display of Proklaim's powers. The production brilliantly fuses Afrobeat's rootsy grooves with amapiano's club-ready rhythm in a dense cross-pollination. Proklaim navigates this tricky fusion effortlessly, nimbly floating between its interwoven metric layers. His flow deftly dances around the beat. His flow remains locked in the musical moment yet constantly shapeshifting. He fluidly resolves rhythmic gestures just as the ear waits for resolution, gliding between metrical perspectives with improvisational ease.

Beyond his fluid movement between hard cross-rhythms, Proklaim also dazzles with his rhythmic structuring. His verbal melodies unwind intricate patterns of stress, accenting unexpected syllables within the bars. Proklaim's command of meter serves as the foundation for his incredible lyrical artistry. On "Permission", his rhymes cascade with the organic beauty of rap melodies, narrative storytelling flowing as naturally as the track's pulsing grooves. And behind the deceptive ease lies painstaking rhythmic construction, with ideas and wordplay flowing from meticulously layered internal counter-patterns.

Time and again across his discography, Proklaim has proven himself one of hip hop's most technically masterful MCs. On "Permission", he raises the bar yet higher, showing a new level of sophistication and genre fusion. While some artists stagnate repeating past successes, Proklaim always pushes himself to grow; a sign of true, lasting greatness.

With each release, Proklaim wins more souls to his creative vision and artistic talent. It's only a matter of time before the world widely recognizes what astute listeners have known for years; that this artist stands head and shoulders above the masses in hip-hop as one of the best to ever do it. When it comes to rhyme, flow, measured nuance, and pushing stylistic boundaries, Proklaim truly is in a class of his own. If "Permission" has you itching to hit repeat, I strongly urge you to head over to your favorite digital music service right now and stream this incendiary new track.

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