Perfect Imperfection (2010) (Original Single) by NORDIR

NORDIR aka the duo of Viktor & Lars have released their latest single “Perfect Imperfection (2010)” a unique alternative rock pop track that will definitely get caught in your head, with its addictive tunes. When it comes to NORDIR their music is always deep and meaningful and this single is no different, tackling an important topic few have the courage to discuss.

NORDIR is an indie rock band that has immaculate creativity and sound when it comes to their music, the band is creating music that fills your soul and gets you thinking of deeper things. NORDIR’s latest single is about how people fake their lives for social media to have a so-called “perfect” life while being imperfect.

Perfect Imperfection (2010) is one track that will have you addicted, having a fresh feel and remarkable vibe. The creativity of the video clip is magical, binding with the single’s music to create an unforgettable experience perfect for a casual listen. The vocals on this single are heavy and husky giving character to the track.

If there is one track you must listen to it’s this one, unforgettable music that has you questioning your reality in eye-opening ways, something few artists can achieve, but NORDIR has perfected.

You must check out this amazing band, with music that will blow your mind away. NORDIR is also playing live with the soonest dates being 04/11 in Regensburg and 26/11 in Rulfingen so don’t miss his performances along with many more, so follow and like his social media platforms to always remain up to date on all his live performances, news, and upcoming releases.

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