Peggy Lee (Original Album) By M.Krebs

JUST ROCK Peggy Lee (Original Album) By M.Krebs

The deft musical arrangements, and reflective lyrics of M.Krebs, have firmly established the band as one of the brightest emerging talents. Their debut album, Peggy Lee is a resplendent, 44-minute voyage into the depths of heart and mind.

Over the span of 12 beautifully wrought tracks, M.Krebs weave enchantments with their vocals, guitars, and an atmospheric array of keyboards, and vibes. The songs are portals to other worlds, at once familiar yet unique, glittering with poetic metaphor and glancing truths.

No two songs on this album sound alike or even inhabit the same sonic space. The dozen tracks herein represent a kaleidoscope of styles, tones, and textures that keep the listener perpetually on their toes. Not for a moment does the album ever feel stale. Each track introduces another vibrant color to the aural palette. Each track succeeds in crafting its own indelible hook, vocal, and melody to stand out from the rest while cohesively contributing to the whole.

"Walk The Ocean Floor" has chilling, melancholic synth and potent vocals. It leaves the listener with chills from its emphasis and atmosphere. "Tim Hardin" has a melodic, blue quality with raspy, worn vocals as the focal point. The synth keys create ambiance and emotion, while the vocals carry the weight of the song. "Eyes in the Back of Her Head" is infused with stellar guitar solos and riffs driving the song. While still maintaining an atmospheric tone, the guitars create a sense of urgency and vehemence compared to other tracks. The vocals and guitars work together for an exhilarating experience.

"Desperate Measures Man" highlights just how diverse this album is, with smooth synth keys and guitar riffs. The keys establish a melancholic mood, while the guitars add pockets of passion and speed. "You Were Just Being Cruel" makes you bop your head along. This piece is grand, and emotional, you can feel it in the vocals, rhythmic, uplifting synths create an anthemic feel, while the vocals pour raw emotion into the lyrics. "Songs In The Key Of Maynard" comes at you slowly, the vocals are kind of hushed, with a nice effect done on them, but still incredibly powerful. A great way to end the album.

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