Patina feat. Femme Fatene (Original Single) By notevenstevens

HYPE Patina feat. Femme Fatene (Original Single) By notevenstevens

Young Australian musician notevenstevens just made a comeback, this time collaborating with Femme Fatene. A charting artist with 6.5+ million TikTok impressions, notevenstevens is on his way to global fame, having already charted #4 in Australia and #31 in Canada on iTunes. Regarding Femme Fatene, she is a highly accomplished feminist PoC who has received support from Grammy Award winners like Dam Funk, been signed to perform at the 50th Manchester Carnival, been included on various editorial playlists alongside Joe Crepusculo, and won the 2022 Havanna Club Edition.

This duet is a gift from the gods, I couldn't help but sway from side to side. With "Patina," which translates to "go skating" in Spanish, Femme Fatene explores the viewpoint of women who defy stereotypes. It's a powerful song and a badass track.

An electronic dance pop song with hints of combining dance rhythms and melodies, "Patina" has a very distinctive ambiance. It starts with lush synthesizers that drip in gold. The vocal performance is not to be trifled with, and there are soaring harmonies and rhythms. The soundscape of the entire piece will entice you. Numerous aspects of the song are noteworthy, but the vocals and synth tones are what I want to focus on the most.

It is beautiful and new, with a blend of retro and contemporary synth-wave sounds. Additionally, the vocals are outstanding; they are fierce, enjoyable, and fun to listen to. Carrying a distinct personality and taste that stands out.

Anyone who listens to Patina will be captivated by its composition; it is fluffy and easy on the ears. I was quite taken with the song and delighted to see such musical talent. The song is a sea of melodies with deep, emotional vocals and soulful emotions. You would regret not giving this song a try. Trust me, go to Spotify right away and download it; I also encourage you to share the song as well. The world should pay close attention to such pieces and artists that have so much unique flavors. Follow notevenstevens and Femme Fatene on their individual social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest songs.

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