Passerby By SWIVVEL


As the warmth of summer slowly fades into fall's cooler embrace, Swivvel offers listeners a poignant musical memoir of summer's melodramas with their new three-track EP "Passerby." Drawing inspiration from Miami's sun-drenched streets and dedicating each note to summer-time sadness, Swivvel weaves a wistful yet exuberant tale within only a handful of songs.

The title track "Passerby" takes you back to lazy summer afternoons thanks to its glowing guitar lines resembling the setting sun. Catchy melodies bounce over energetic rhythms, motivating both feet and souls to lose themselves in summer's humble pleasures. The singer flows easily but daringly, portraying carefree fun and slightly woeful cravings alike. Sometimes the vocalist yells with uncontrolled sentiments, as if making an attempt to cling to every last second of summertime bliss just before it disappears. Just as the sun sinks into the ocean on a daily basis, "Passerby" reminds us through passionate singing that even the brightest days of summer need to reach an end, departing us with bittersweet memories of what was.

Second track "Swim" offers a more subdued yet dreamy soundscape in true indie-rock style. Gentle melodies and atmospherics drift over the listener like a warm summer breeze. While quiet in production, "Swim" retains an evocative quality that allows the mind to peacefully drift along to the song's dreamy instrumentation. Embodying the style of laidback and extraordinary indie-rock, "Swim" proves just as transporting as the album's lead single.

Closing out the EP with upbeat flair, "Newfound" strikes a balance between laidback groove and uplifting sentiment. Sparkling guitars twinkle like fireflies on a warm night, while smooth vocal melodies guide the spirits upwards. Effortlessly catchy yet soulfully crafted, "Newfound" proves the perfect finale, reminding us to embrace each moment as it is gifted.

With only three succinct tracks, Swivvel crafts a touching soundtrack for summer's end. Still dancing yet tinged with nostalgia, "Passerby" pays homage to all the passersby who color our lives if only for a fleeting moment. Both wistful and sunny, their beautifully bittersweet musical memoir deserves a permanent place on any curated seasonal playlist. Be sure to stream "Passerby" in full across all platforms and follow the band themselves to see what magical melodies they conjure up next. Summer may fade, but Swivvel's music ensures those sunny days will live on in our hearts.

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