Kelsie Kimberlin is back with new music finally! March 29th is when she put out her new song called "Parking Lot".

Kelsie is making a big name for herself. On YouTube alone, her videos have been watched over 11.5 million times in total! And that's not even counting how many people stream her songs on Spotify or follow her on places like Facebook and Instagram. She must have fans all over the place!

After dedicating her last few releases to raising awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Kelsie has shifted gears and headed to warmer climates. "Parking Lot" was filmed during Kelsie's recent trip to Colombia. And just from my initial review, this song will take the summer season by storm.

"Parking Lot" had me feeling the heat. Kelsie's vocals float over the Latin-inspired beat, painting a song of desire under the hot Colombian sun. The chorus is an instant hit with those who hear it: "Yeah you look so fine, girl, I’m glad you’re mine / Everybody wantin’ you, in the parking lot." Just try getting those lines out of your head!

The music video, directed by Cristian Flores, is just as hot as the song. Shot on location in Cartagena, it directs viewers straight to the steamy streets and brings Kelsie's vision to luminous life. Mesmerizing choreography from dancers Sabrina Sosa, Nathalia Marimon, Luz Viloria, Juan Rendón, Marlon de Jesús heightens the already seductive lyrics. Pedro's production is flawless, fascinating the essence of Colombia through its sights and sounds. Fans of Kelsie's previous videos will be thrilled by her latest, visually stunning creation.

Kelsie is always trying new things with her sound. The song doesn’t sound like her older stuff, which shows how much she’s grown as an artist. It's cool to see an artist not be afraid of change. Signing with her new label Symphonic seems to have given Kelsie even more chances to try different styles. Working with a label opens doors to new equipment and producers that can help take her music to the next level.

I have a good feeling about what else Kelsie and Symphonic will do together going forward. This new song is so good, I just know they'll keep making even better tunes. Kelsie has once again outdone herself with "Parking Lot." I'll be on repeat with this song all summer long. If you want to check out some of Kelsie's new sounds yourself, be sure to stream "Parking Lot"! Give it a watch online. I bet you'll see how her artistry has evolved.

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