Parallel (Original EP) by Parallel

JUST ROCK Parallel (Original EP) by Parallel
    Parallel Parallel (Original EP) Parallel Parallel (Original EP)

The full-length EP Parallel consists of six tracks. The EP features melodic guitar and over-layered vocals, as well as soulful and trippy moods. There is something about Parallel's music that transports you to a faraway place, an ethereal location that exists in their guts and souls. Parallel's EP is soulful, trippy, and emotional. These six tracks will transport you to an entirely different universe. They're a little bit indie, a little bit edgy, but with a twist that makes it totally unique.

Lsiten & Follow:   Parallel started playing together in the fall of 2019, writing the bulk of their first album while masked and distanced in their drummer Maria’s basement. Making their live debut in July 2021, the band released their debut self-titled mini-album on Cherub Dream Records in April 2022 and will be going on a West Coast tour from Vancouver to Tijuana in May 2022. In addition to Parallel, members are also involved with a wide variety of other projects, including Ragana, Nothing Natural, Entrapment, and Lizard Bitch, and have also played in Negative Standards, Romantic Feelings, and nasty.dilemma.

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