Oxygen (Original Single) by Rosehip

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Rosehip Oxygen (Original Single) Rosehip Oxygen (Original Single)

Rosehip's highly anticipated single is an electric pop anthem with an inspiring message: Face your fears. "Origins" is an atmospheric and emotional journey filled with anthemic dancefloor fillers that will leave crowds spellbound. The track has a spine-tingling climax that includes powerful lyrics that inspire you to conquer an epic challenge, such as climbing a mountain.

Listen & Follow: Oxygen is an exhilarating electro-funk anthem, rich with raw compelling emotion. The track's sumptuous bass contrasts with a delicate breakdown, featuring an inspirational quote about facing your fears. As the spine-tingling climax to Rosehip's 2022 debut album 'Origins', the track symbolises conquering an epic challenge, like climbing a mountain.

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