Own World (20 pages) (Original Album) By Roman.

TOP BEST HITS Own World (20 pages) (Original Album) By Roman.
 Own World (20 pages) (Original Album) By Roman. Own World (20 pages) (Original Album) By Roman.

First of all, let me congratulate the talented, well-established, confident artist "Roman" on his latest original album, "Own World (20 pages)". This album is excellently produced with a high-end clarity and loudness, I have received countless music submissions to my playlists, and the number one reason that makes me reject the track is the production quality, so I give it 7/10. It features 12 original full-length tracks, which I placed some of them for two whole weeks on my Discover Pop & Top Best Hits playlists. What I loved the most was the intro track "20 Pages", the second track "Down," and the sixth one, "Mortality," which are my top favorites. Not to mention that the lyrics are inspiring, heart-warming & punchy on some tracks, while the well-balanced instruments played perfectly with the unique and appealing vocals. This album is for your daily dose of music. Listen to it fully...

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