Outta Love (Original Single) By Airyen Vay

HYPE Outta Love (Original Single) By Airyen Vay

LA-based singer-songwriter Pop Diva Airyen Vay always delivers the best music mixed with R&B, pop, and soul. The musician has a knack for making us feel something through her music by entrancing us with her singing and words. With the help of her seductive vocals and amazing lyrics on her most recent track, "Outta Love," she is mesmerizing us with her melodies.

At the early age of nine, when she began learning the flute, piano, and guitar, Airyen found her passion for music. She entered several singing competitions as a kid and took home the majority of the prizes. And now, at the age of 28, she has made significant progress in her career, breaking records and producing only the biggest hits.

The song has several layers of composition, with a strong emphasis on her vocal range. You'll drown in the sea of her vocal skill as the song demonstrates the artist's vast vocal range, diverse pitches, and gorgeous tone. She surprised me with her vocal delivery and deep-sounding pitch. I really appreciate the outro and how she raises her pitch while singing the repeated phrase "Fall Outta Love," which truly demonstrated how profoundly she can express her message with outstanding vocal force. Her vocal harmonies convey the meaning behind the song so sweetly and effectively. One of the greatest vocal performances of any song released this year.

Additionally, the production is even better, uplifting the song with fantastic electronic beats, powerful percussion, and a tremendously deep bass. The song features a variety of genres, including r&b, techno, and highly catchy melodies. The song is undoubtedly a pop song at its core, but it is so energizing to hear the addition of various genres to make it even more dynamic and diverse. It's a refreshing take on breakup songs since the lyrics discuss the highs and lows of losing a lover rather than being depressing. It's also a lot of fun to sing along to.

Airyen is currently working on new songs, which might be released at any moment. Therefore, be sure to follow her for any new updates and to listen to "Outta Love," which is now available on all streaming services.

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