Out of Shadows (Original Album) By Daniel de Boer

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Daniel de Boer, a bassist, and singer from the Netherlands, was able to pursue his dreams of creating and recording his own album while studying at Berklee Valencia Music School. His music showcases an eclectic fusion of mixed cultural influences and styles within the genre of pop music. His debut album, entitled "Out of Shadows," features musicians from over 16 different countries utilizing a wide array of instruments, creating a unique and powerful sound.

The album kicks off with "Fly Away", a gently pulsing track that steadily builds in momentum. The first notes sweep in like a fresh breeze, energizing yet peaceful. The thrumming bass and relaxed drums create a pleasurable groove that invites listeners to sink into the music.

"Closer" stands in stark contrast, exhibiting a modern pop sound. While decidedly more lively than the opener, it still maintains an understated catchiness that draws you in. The vocals shine, cutting through the beat with ingratiating charm. "Don't Hold The Line" is a mesmerizing ballad. The soft melodies and tender acoustics wrap the listener in serenity, while the hauntingly beautiful vocals evoke a longing meant to stir the soul. This track display's the artist's ability to create visceral emotion through his sound.

"Circles" begins with a lush string arrangement that acts as the perfect complement to an uptempo yet richly textured track. The vocals take on an anthemic feel that rises above the beat, creating a soaring, uplifting mood. A musical highlight, this track showcases the artist's pop sensibilities while still maintaining their distinct artistic flourishes. "Outside" features hypnotic percussion and a complex yet infectious groove. Throughout, there's an organic, improvised feel that gives the track an authentic air, unlike anything else heard before. The song's simple yet compelling melody encourages full-body movement, drawing the listener into a state of complete engagement with the music.

"Paradise" stands as one of the most ambitious tracks. It starts off in a moody, dark fashion before lurching into a stirring guitar riff that energizes the music and propels it forward.


"Mother Earth" is a serene, soothing journey. The minimal arrangement leaves space for the sweet melodies to flourish. The musicianship and vocals manage to perfectly evoke feelings of calm and tranquility as if entering a state of nirvana. The album closer, "Remember", clocks in at over 11 minutes, giving it epic qualities. The opening jazz embellishments are soon overtaken by extended guitar solos that demonstrate the musical range and technical prowess of the artists. This expansive, virtuosic track represents a fitting conclusion to such a rich, varied musical journey.

Daniel de Boer's debut album "Out of Shadows" showcases his talent for creating beautiful, thought-provoking songs that draw from diverse global influences. Be sure to follow the artist on his socials to keep up with his future musical endeavors and creations. And listen to the album "Out of Shadows" now available on Spotify.

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