Ours (Original EP) by Safe Travel

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This isn’t just music or a plain EP, Ours (Original EP) isn’t typical, it's an Ep with a story, it has character and life, listening to this Ep is a beautiful journey of understanding and curiosity. Safe Travel has made a gold mine of an Ep with every single being better than the next, with the songs in this EP deserving to be in a major film, or produced as a film for the beautiful story they tell.

Ours (Original EP) is a 4 track EP that took Safe Travel 3 years to complete, and all I can say is that each and every minute was worth it, as Safe Travel has given us music like never before. The EP is one of meaning, it tells the story between freshwater and saltwater, the two fronts that will flirt with each other but will never cross, where if they wanted to coexist. One or both has to give in and dissolve. Safe Travel uses this but in a form of forbidden love about a woman who emerges from the ocean with the intention of bringing someone with her.

The melodies, the beat, and the vibe of this EP is unmatched. “Ours” is truly a magical experience that you must listen to understand with climaxes, highs, and lows, it's an experience like never before and you shouldn’t miss it. Safe Travel is working on making a film for “Ours” and I can't wait for him to be able to accomplish it.

Safe Travel is truly one remarkable artist that should get all the recognition and admiration, deserving of all the support as he’s blessing us with music like no other. Don’t forget to like and follow all his social media platforms to always remain up to date on all his latest news and releases.

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