Our Love’s With You (Original Single) By RUSTY REID

TOP BEST HITS Our Love’s With You (Original Single) By RUSTY REID

Rusty Reid was born into the rich musical landscape of West Texas in the middle of the 20th century. Growing up surrounded by the timeless country and folk sounds that emerged from that arid land, Rusty developed a deep love of music from an early age. The Beatles sparked his interest in playing guitar as a teenager, marking the beginning of his journey as a musician.

For decades, Rusty honed his craft by playing in bands and writing his own songs while moving between Texas, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Seattle in search of success. Now in his sixties, Rusty continues to channel the revolutionary spirit of the 60s through his music.

To Rusty, creating art has always been a deeply personal journey of self-expression. Though he hopes his songs may inspire or provoke others, the ultimate purpose is for himself. "My art project has been myself," Rusty says.

Over the years, Rusty has written over 200 songs, which he calls "bangles." These collectively tell the ever-evolving story of his life and art - a story that continues today.

Rusty's new single "Our Love's With You" takes us back to his younger years. He wrote the gentle, guitar-driven track for his sister upon her high school graduation and departure for college. Rusty's voice evokes nostalgia for different phases of life. The slow, lilting tempo and laidback fingerpicking guitar create a wistful mood. The drums provide a loose, unhurried groove that allows the listeners' minds to wander.

Rusty's gentle vocals and uncluttered yet emotive melodies help convey that simple yet profound message within a beautiful setting.

Rusty has many more songs waiting to be discovered on his Spotify profile and social media pages. Following Rusty online provides a glimpse into his full story and background, revealed through his heartfelt lyrics and artistry over the past six decades. Rusty's decades of wanderlust reveal an enduring truth - though places, people, and sounds may change, the human need to translate life into art remains constant. His guitar and voice continue to chronicle one man's journey through an ever-changing musical landscape.

Stay tuned for more from Rusty Reid, a lifelong troubadour with much left to share.

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