Our History (Original Single) By Shannon Hawley

HYPE Our History (Original Single) By Shannon Hawley

The first track from Shannon Hawley's upcoming album is titled "Our History." With the excellent and extraordinary alt-rock track "Our History" as the first single of "STARTHROWERS", the wonderful Shannon Hawley is finally making a comeback.

The song has catchy electronic keys in the beginning, which fade into additional instrumentals and the vocalist's voice as the song progresses. The song's classic rhythms and tones give it a somewhat futuristic feel. The electric guitar plays a significant role in the song as it progresses, and the project is carried nicely by the gorgeous electronic strings that are used throughout the song's wide and insanely detailed soundscape.

This is one magnificent track that has many emotions and sentiments, and the instrumentals really carry through; every second of listening to this single was legendary. It felt so niche and nice to be able to listen to such a brilliant and creative track, it really demonstrates the musical talent Shannon possesses, and sheds light on how masterfully talented she is vocally. Her vocals are incredibly breathtaking and keep your concentration on the song from start to finish. The voices are tuned and have a type of dazzling effect to them. I really enjoyed the second verse of the song, where the vocals and guitar did a superb job of creating a laid-back yet strong atmosphere.

Overall, this song is a true masterpiece that blends several genres, has a nostalgic vibe, and uses future rhythms and noises. The vocals and orchestration are exhilarating, it's a terrific alt-rock tune to rock out to. Shannon made the decision to make a full-force comeback, demonstrating that even after taking a long pause after the release of her previous album in 2015, she is still capable of producing singles and bops that will rock your world!!

Listen to "Our History" on Spotify or other streaming services; it's well worth it and deserving of attention. Additionally, be sure to follow Shannon Hawley on social media to learn about her latest and newest projects.

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