Emerging out of the music scene in Saint Petersburg, Голос КАА has steadily been shaping a distinct sonic identity for over one time now. Originally performing alongside the dark jazz collective Fugu Quintet, Голос КАА has now settled in Singapore and begun to branch out into solo work incorporating elements of hip-hop, electronic music, and beyond.

His latest release, the "OP-1" EP, sees Голос КАА pushing his creative capabilities further by putting together the three tracks entirely using the portable OP-1 synthesizer. Going in with such minimal equipment could easily have resulted in an amateurish or half-baked effort. However, Голос КАА demonstrates his skill and vision and transforms what could have been a limitation into an asset that helps cultivate an immersive listening experience.

The EP opens with "Сквозь Тернии к Страху," lulling the listener into a hazy dream state. Wispy pads and muted beats envelop the track in a calming atmosphere. It's the perfect backdrop for Голос КАА's melodic and airy vocal delivery. His lyrical style has a meditative and abstract quality that matches the track's intriguing vibe. The production maintains an aura of mystery throughout that keeps you hooked until the serene closing notes.

"Под Ноги Смотри!" presents a total contrast in energy. A pounding drum ushers in an uptempo hip-hop beat. Голос КАА shifts into a faster flow to match the track's bounce, spitting bars with technical precision. The instrumental retains an enveloping warmth despite its sparse construction, with each element finding space to shine through the mix.

The EP comes to a satisfying conclusion with "Оператор 1." Wistful pads and a rhythmic pulse create a pensive atmosphere. The instrumental builds gradually with the introduction of new layers, building an epic and cinematic feel. It's a beautiful way to wrap up this short but impactful collection of tracks.

Across the three songs, Голос КАА proves his willingness to make diverse and immersive music from minimal means. The OP-1 is stripped back by nature, but he finds ways to flesh out full productions through creative sound design and arrangement. Achernavsky's mixing brings cohesion to the tracks while retaining their raw appeal. This is an artist who has only begun his journey. Make sure you stream his album today online.

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