One Rule (Original Single) By Ruiz!

JUST ROCK One Rule (Original Single) By Ruiz!

In the two years he’s been around, Ruiz! has managed to achieve more than you could imagine. One album, three singles, and a fourth are being covered in this blog. The revered Ruiz! is already closing in on his 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners milestone so tune in as I take you on a tour with one of the quickest-rising artists of 2022.

From Sheffield, England, Hugh Ruiz Robert AKA Ruiz! is a stand-alone talent that’s running everything behind the scenes of his art. As a DIY multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist, and with the capacities of his laptop and some instruments, he’s managed to pull himself from nothing into becoming a globally recognized artist. Recently experimenting with different genres, Ruiz! has been incorporating 60’s rock’n’roll, electronica, punk, pop, psychedelia, and dark rock into his music in a flawless synergy of catchy tunes and modernized melodies. His music feels nostalgic yet fresh; I do not know how he’s managed to capture that essence, but it’s working beautifully for him so BRAVO!

From the dark pits of the Covid-19 lockdowns to making award-worthy music, Ruiz! is releasing original single after another with "One Rule" being the latest cherry on top. . The great part is at least, these new norms have sparked this great single that features catchy electronic melodies, drums, and guitars accompanied by a unique double voice tuning to Ruiz!’s voice that emphasizes the "confusion". It’s just a great song that couldn’t have been released at a better time as I’m certain fans will instantly relate to it.

There’s nothing to dislike about this man, he’s a great talented artist that’s not afraid to write down his thoughts and make great music out of it. This release is truly impressive and hopefully, he gets the recognition he deserves.

Join him in his career by following him on his social media platforms and streaming his music. It’s going to be one interesting ride with this artist, I can guarantee you that.

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