I'm excited to introduce an exceptional group to you today on Getting Started. With Jack Gallo on vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Stein on lead guitar, Pat Hickey on bass, Jack Scanlon on drums, and Eddie O'Connor on keys, the quintet has already made a name for themselves playing legendary Chicago locations like The Cubby Bear, Chop Shop, The Hideout, and Subterranean.

Their electric live performances have also ignited stages at HVAC Pub, Uncommon Ground, and the hallowed House of Blues Foundation Room. With an impressive 9,3k monthly Spotify streams and a steadily growing Instagram following of 2,3k music devotees, we know Getting Started is in line to be the city's next indie rock heavyweight champions. Their sound has that vibe of reminiscent of titans like The Strokes and Kings of Leon with the breezy modern flair of acts like Mt. Joy and Hippo Campus.

Today I will be discussing their latest single, "One Road." On "One Road," Getting Started deftly flexes their songwriting muscularity, delivering a sweet indie folk ballad that permanently stays in the mind. Starting off with plucked acoustic guitar notes, the track plunges you into an engrossing audio embroidery woven with human emotion. The lead vocals flow throughout the record with intensity as he sings of past transgressions. His mature, emotional delivery draws on the sonic spirit of revered indie folk bards like Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Lord Huron's Ben Schneider. The shimmering, atmospheric lead guitar work adds sophisticated cinematic textures that underscore the song's moody, pensive tone.

The foundational rhythm section, fastened by Hickey's punchy basslines and Scanlon's dense, groove-fueled drumming, gives "One Road" a moderate muscularity and hypnotic pulse. O'Connor's fine keyboard accents provide transcendent melodies that carefully color the surrounding sonic field. Getting Started deftly harnesses dynamics and tension/release phrasing on "One Road" to boost the track's visceral appeal. The pre-chorus and chorus sections break off into a spectacular, more energetic play. But just as deftly, the band reins back into moments of sparseness, when reaching the bridge. "One Road" is an exercise in sonic elegance and balance. The band captured its sound as vibrant and ethereal.

"One Road" maintains Getting Started's status as one of the most cutting-edge indie rock bands of our day, in my opinion, and is a great artistic accomplishment. The level of creativity exhibited is just remarkable.

Created just for your dream playlist, Getting Started has selected the ideal indie folk/rock confession, an audio remedy for a tired soul. With its meticulous oeuvre, Getting Started is an act to look out for in 2024 and beyond. Let me conclude by giving you one last piece of recommendation: if you haven't already heard the magnificent exquisiteness of "One Road" by Getting Started, you owe it to yourself to play it on Spotify right now.

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