One More Toke By JRTA


Singer-songwriter and producer JRTA delivers a deep, electronically powerful new track with his new single "One More Toke." The track is led by JRTA’s vocals over a dark trap beat, which he played and created all by himself.

As a solo artist, JRTA handles all instrumentation and production within the creative confines of his 11th-floor apartment studio. Recording vocals in the bathroom closet lends the tracks all that real feeling to "One More Toke."

On "One More Toke," a pulsating beat lays the foundation for a moody beat. Twisted, dissonant synths hover eerily in the higher frequencies, seemingly representing the persistent temptation or craving that troubles the narrator’s mind. The vocals feel ghostly with a good effect done on them atop this unsettled atmosphere, delivered in a breathy half-whisper way that adds more and more power.

The lyrics reveal a story of denial and risk-taking in the pursuit of numbness or escape. On a more personal note to the artist, he revealed it was " a sad song born from withdrawal." JRTA addresses these troubling themes in this song and knows how to not make it judgmental. The electronic music production in it, actually helps many people to connect with it. There is empathy in these words, a gentle wish to share struggle rather than pass judgment. The pacing of the song reflects this care. The verses flow sensibly into one another, easing the listener through a 3-minute song. JRTA has mined deep personal experiences to put together this impactful work of musical writing.

References to influences like Morphine, Portishead, and Nirvana are evident in JRTA’s style of alternative R&B, trip-hop beats, and even pop. "One More Toke" feels thoroughly reflective of our current dark moment as well, as electronic textures merge soulfully with trap's moody minimalism. It’s a sound that couldn’t have existed before this cultural confluence, and in JRTA’s hands, it becomes a hauntingly effective vehicle for his expression.

With "One More Toke," JRTA shows off himself as an artist willing to lay bare difficult truths to powerful musical effect. I have enjoyed his previous singles, and "One More Toke" is a gorgeous, well-made addition. Don't miss the opportunity to support rising independents like JRTA. You can follow him online today to stay updated on new music and projects. You can also stream his previous singles alongside "One More Toke" today on your favorite streaming site.

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