On The Edge (choir Version) By ERIC COHEN

TOP BEST HITS On The Edge (choir Version) By ERIC COHEN

The piano keys drift into the room beautifully, their gentle strains tugging at the soul. Layered atop the piano is a voice pouring out uncontrolled emotion, laid bare for all to hear. This is Eric Cohen's new song, "On The Edge (Choir Version)" It takes you deep into his occurrence of depression and suicide. For many years, Cohen was going through a really dark time in his life, now he hopes his music can help others dealing with the same stuff.

He's using his talent to share an important message with anyone battling their mental health demons. With "On The Edge," Cohen is opening up about his emotional struggles in the hopes it gives others the strength to keep fighting theirs. In his darkest hour, he cried out to his Savior for rescue and relief from the torrent of emotions overwhelming him. This happening served as the genesis for "On The Edge." Recorded alone in his basement, the naked essence of Cohen's pain and plea is laid bare over simple yet evocative instrumentation.

Layered gently under Cohen's heart-wrenching rap are piano keys that drift in like calmness in the darkness. As he opens his soul and shares his thoughts, hard-hitting beats enter the song but stay subtle, never overshadowing his profound story. Cohen flexes his skills as a rapper and vocalist on the track, delivering his verses with emotional intensity rather than technical bravado.

You find yourself losing yourself in the music, mindfully absorbing each word. It's an intimate look inside an artist, bearing their deepest struggles, so others don't have to face darkness alone. Through "On The Edge," Cohen has truly stepped outside his comfort zone to bravely share his story.

The choir acts as the heavenly response to Cohen's earthly cry for help. Their breathtaking vocals sweep in strongly, it's as if the angels themselves are joining Cohen in uplifting his plea to the heavens. The layered harmonies of the choir surround and embrace the hearer, amplifying both Cohen's vulnerable emotion and hopeful message. Their presence underscores the transcendental nature of music to soothe the soul and lift burdens.

Through his gift of song, Cohen aims to walk with others during the dark nights of the soul. Supporting his art is supporting that redemptive message of light overcoming darkness for all who open their ears, and hearts, to truly hear. His music is a clarion call worth answering. To learn more about his future work bringing awareness, follow his social channels. Those seeking support can also stream the song right away. Listen today and let this anthem lift your spirit during hard times.

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