OLD POP’s TRUCK (Original Single) By FOLSOM


FOLSOM’s latest blues-rock offering is a blistering affair that delivers on all fronts. From the gnarled guitars to the whiskey-soaked vocals to the pummeling rhythm section, ‘Old Pop’s Truck’ is the kind of track that injects a dose of unfiltered rock n’ roll straight into your veins.

Vocalist and guitarist Peter Cattet is the snarling engine that powers FOLSOM’s sound. On ‘Old Pop’s Truck,’ his vocals are delightfully raw and rugged, imbuing the lyrics with a leering, licentious swagger. But Cattet is equally adept at stepping back to let the instrumentation shine, as in the song’s extended guitar solo where lead guitarist Florian Garcin lets loose a furiously tangled blues lead. Garcin proves himself a deft improviser, building tension through a series of escalating riffs and squealing bends. The crackling energy of his solo is further fueled by the song’s relentlessly driving rhythm courtesy of bassist Theo Defranoux and drummer Leo Flank.

FOLSOM makes heavy blues-rock that delivers primal thrills, but there’s more craft and care woven into their songs than the frantic, unhinged energy might suggest. ‘Old Pop’s Truck’ moves through a range of textures, from the roar of the chorus to the astonishingly tuneful bridge, where Cattet adopts a lower growl over high instrumentation. And the song’s final moments are marked by a dramatic rise in intensity, with Garcin’s guitar bleeding feedback and Cattet reaching to the very edge of his register. Tracks that so expertly build and release tension are rare, leaving us eager to see what this French foursome tackles next. With ‘Old Pop’s Truck,’ FOLSOM proves yet again that they deliver nothing less than an all-caps ROCK EXPERIENCE demanding to be cranked up high.

Ultimately, 'Old Pop's Truck' is a vehicle for Peter Cattet's grizzled and galvanizing presence. Cattet's raspy vocals provide the driving force behind 'Old Pop's Truck' from beginning to end. By the song's conclusion, his impassioned delivery will have listeners captivated. With the bands marvelous instrumentation from Leo's drumming, Gaarcin's bass, and Florian's guitar playing, ‘Old Pop’s Truck’ is one mesmerizing track!!

If FOLSOM's particular brand of blues-rock madness is incredibly appealing, follow the band for more - and crank up the song on Spotify or your streaming service of choice. Just make sure not to blame the band when your utterly addicted to this powerful tune.

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