October 17th (Original Album) By Trady

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October 17th (Original Album) By Trady October 17th (Original Album) By Trady

Since I used to DJ at private parties and a couple of clubs in Beirut, I always kept two of everything, including a USB, HDD, controller, and another HD 25 - SENNHEISER headset. The story is this one was sealed. I wanted to see if it would work. The surprise was I wanted to review this fantastic album. Still, I couldn't due to extensive requests and an appropriate placement on my Spotify playlists.

The surprise was when I heard this original album's first track, "This is my intro" October 17th, By "Trady." My jaw dropped, and I couldn't pull it back up for like 40 seconds when I heard "This is my intro" on this brand new headset that is more than the flat studio headphones. The first thing that came to my mind was the Rap Legend Eminem. The enforcing screaming part is the same. The artist succeeded in delivering the message HERE I AM. Check out what I can do with his solid rap performance and the write fatty 808 drum kit with the surprising element !! he nailed it. So back to the album, it features thirteen original full-length tracks. Each track has a story and a different theme. All made me remember the D12 album, from the voice effect to the starting and ending dialog. It's a tremendous and well-done album, from the performance to the prosperous balanced lyrics to the hyper-trappy groove. If you haven't noticed, this is a more significant review than what I write daily. This Album is DOPE, and he's just a talented artist, not only just a raper with a distinguished creative and already accomplished and skillful profile.

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More from the Artist : I'm from England, the Northeast specifically, I'm an Instrument Artificer for Fujifilm, currently manufacturing the covid-19 vaccine, I'm a rapper that enjoys making music and I like to try to be creative with all my material and try new things, I'm inspired by many artists I listen to daily, a very mixed genre. I started rapping at the age of 10, i used to listen to recovery on repeat (and still do) I'd grab any instrumental of a song i liked at the time and write the most feeble and weak lyrics, no cadence, no flow and I honestly thought I could take on the world with daft cover songs. I grew up pretty fast with the loss of my mother and I turned to just listening to music rather than writing, mainly rap music more thoroughly, not just hearing what they said but feeling more what they felt, picturing myself in their shoes. As time went on I concentrated on just pursuing a normal career, I always wanted to be some kind of engineer, went through school and college, ended up with an apprenticeship where I currently work now, earning decent coin at a young age and experiencing what every 16-17 year old dreamed of having with that kind of cash, I worked hard for I have and feel privileged to have what I own. At 19, I went through a stage of being in a band with some friends, we made a small EP which could have been something, but never worked out. I'm 24 now and know my time is now or never, Thankyou for reading. Trady!

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