Obsolescent Adolescence (Original Album) By Charise Sowells

JUST ROCK Obsolescent Adolescence (Original Album) By Charise Sowells

Charise Sowells’ debut album Obsolescent Adolescence is a deeply personal coming-of-age story told through her own original music. After over 20 years of performing and recording with other bands, Charise wanted to share her instincts and experiences as a songwriter under her real name.

The sultry tones of "Morning Breath" seduce the listener with jazzy rifts and luscious vocal melodies. Each lyric is delivered with unbridled passion and intensity, drawing the imagination into a sensual daze. "Bedroom Eyes" erases all boundaries between desire and realization. Stripped down to its essence, expressive echoes of longing and belonging reverberate through sparse, powerful vocals that revive the soul.

With "Magical Month," transportive keys and effusive vocals craft a spectral throwback experience. Evocative tones and textures inspire wistfulness for memories half-forgotten, yet not fully faded. "Even Grace Ages" infiltrates the senses with percussive hooks and melodic whispers, inching under the skin with irresistible pop grace. Each vocal line awakens senses dulled by the everyday, rekindling wonder. This is music's power at its core, being able to transform and relate with people's lives through emotive lyrics and melodies!

An acoustic guitar takes center stage on "Twilight Hour," its introspective strumming binding the listener to the singer in a shared solitude. "Still Waiting" fuels abandon with funky, joyful rhythms. Grooves stir restlessness into the impulse, coaxing limbs and hearts into motion. Each note swells the beat until it bursts forth, unleashing uninhibited cheer.

Robust production and emotive vocals on "Pura Vida" craft a call to step into life's beauty. Resonant keys and drums create a sonic landscape of depth and vitality, within which the soul can fully inhabit the present moment. "Better Day" envelops with warm, enveloping tones. A deep bassline and velvet vocals cultivate introspection, as jazz-infused melodies stir hope in even the darkest of hours.

Charise Sowells is truly a talented artist showcasing her masterful skill as a singer and songwriter in this marvelous album. She has created a relatable landscape that many can find comfort and solace in! If this isn't what music is all about then I don't know what is.

Obsolescent Adolescence is a record of finding strength after heartbreak, reclaiming a joy that felt permanently lost, and emerging scarred yet wiser from the shadows of a turbulent past. This vision of vulnerability translated into art is Charise Sowells’ greatest gift, and an album that secures her place as one of the most authentic voices of her generation. Stream this affecting collection of deeply moving songs on Spotify and other streaming platforms, and follow Charise to stay updated always.

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