Nothing Right (Original Single) By COMA BEACH

TOP BEST HITS Nothing Right (Original Single) By COMA BEACH

Underground punk rockers Coma Beach are back with their latest single, a raw sonic outpouring titled "Nothing Right." Channeling existential angst into pure punk energy, the track showcases the band's talent for blending bleak poetry with gritty rock.

Coma Beach's performance is something that you cannot find anywhere. The raw passionate vocals alternate between melancholic crooning and angry yells. Behind the vocals, the guitars screech and roar over the driving bass and drums. The band comes together to produce an enormous sound, channeling their angst into sheets of dissonant noise.

With "Nothing Right," Coma Beach demonstrates their talent for translating bleak poetry into the musical lexicon of punk rock. It's a difficult sound to do authentically today, as punk has long since fractured into subgenres and hybrid styles. But Coma Beach manages to dust off punk's bones and breathe new life into its faded glory.


The track stands out with its raw energy and emotiveness—a welcome anomaly in today's sanitized rock landscape. Beyond having a distinctive sound, the band backs it up with poetic substance and genuine passion. The themes come from an authentic place, making the track resonate on multiple levels.


So for fans of gritty underground punk with a penchant for dark lyricism, Coma Beach's new single is essential listening. Even listeners less familiar with punk will find themselves drawn into the captivating sonic hit. The band brings the genre back to its roots—channeling youth, angst, and despair into rockets of explosive catharsis.

If "Nothing Right" proves representative of the new record, it will be Coma Beach's strongest statement yet. The band stands out with their ability to blend poetry and punk into an existential reclamation of rock's rebellious foundations. Music this emotionally authentic demands an audience.

For a potent dose of existential angst with a healthy punk rock edge, look no further than Coma Beach. Fans can stream the new single now on all major platforms. Coma Beach has some great music in the works - don't miss their upcoming drops. Catch up with the band on social media to find release dates for their upcoming singles, and albums, so you're first in line for their new music.


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